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1993 - 1996

1993 Governor Chris Patton endorses a non-Cantonese speaking program for adults with a disabiltiy.


1994 The Centre relocates to Stanley Fort. Hong Kong Vocational Centre (HKVC) commences as a Charitable Trust.


1995 Official congratulations received from Government House. Students, parents and staff have tea with the Governor and his wife. 

1997 - 2000

1997 relocate again to a new base in Pok Fu Lam. Full time program begins with work placements at St James Settlement. Vocational Education program begins. First art exhibition with Lorette Roberts at the Hong Kong Art Centre.


1999 Growing Together was formed to link 4 related NGOs together: HKVC, CDC, Watchdog and Springboard.


2000 First respite program at YWCA in TST. We become a member of HKCSS - Hong Kong Council for Social Services. 

2001 - 2004

2001 SWD allocate a new facility in Sai Ying Pun. Carrie Lam, Head of SWD attended the opening. HK$1.2M received from OSC (Operation Santa Claus) to provide a residential community home. 5 students join a 4 day cruise to Hoi An and the Hainan Islands. TNC perform at the Fringe Club. David and Wendy Nesbitt receive the American Chamber of Commerce Ira Dan Kay Community Service Award.


2003 First residential facility opens in Discovery Bay. 


2005 - 2009

2005 Residential facility closes in DB due to rent rises. Preparation For Life Program is developed.


2006 Not all is lost! SWD allocate new premises for a permanent residential facitlity in Chai Wan. Hong Kong Jockey Club donate a Centre Bus. Hong Kong Vocational Centre {HKVC} changes its name to The Nesbitt Centre.


2008 Talks begin with St John's Cathedral regarding a coffee shop within their grounds to provide employment for people with disabilty. 

2010 - 2014

2010 OSC donate HK$0.8M for The Nest at St John's Cathedral. Art Project at St John's Cathedral. Our Sai Ying Pun Art Exhibition, funded by ADC and led by Lizzie Bee and Lorette Roberts.


2012 we are the first recognised Award for Young People User Unit for SEN students. Building begins at The Nest. Students join a trip to China with Habitat for Humanity.


2013 The Nest and Cafe 8 (funded by SWD's 3EEEs project) open. Students participate in an Educational Excursion to Chiang Rai. TNC students and staff participate in the Green Power Hike.


2014 The Nest passes HK$1M in its first year. 2014 & 2015 we join the iRun.


Also in 2015 we received an Outstanding Social Caring Organisation award at Cafe8. 


2015 - 2018

2015 beneficiary of the GFI HKl0s. Student's Art exhibition Glimpse of Hope opens at HKU. Students participate in an AnAn event for autistic musicians and a student plays piano at the HIV Charity Concert at St John's Cathedral.


2016 Two students join our staff team.


2017 The Nest at St Andrew's Church becomes a reality. Palletable introduced at Cafe 8.


2018 2x Board, Staff & Parents Forum held. Art Exhibition with JCSRS at the Visual arts Centre. The Nest at St Andrew's Church TST opens.


We now employ 25 PWDs within our 3 Social Enterprises. 

2019 - 2022

2019 David Nesbitt spoke at TEDxHSUHK on Engage, Enrich and Empower Special Needs Adults. HKEX Diversity Network, our Account Assistant, Erickson Kwong, spoke on The Challenges and realities of a Learning Disability in Hong Kong. 

Handmade items sold at AWA Bazaar and Conrad Hotel.


2020-2022 Covid-19 pandemic results in lower income at all Social enterprises and TNC goes through a period of cost saving.


2020 Participation of iRun event. The Nest Bakery baked cakes to boost morale of HK's frontline hospital staff during the pandemic - "Cakes for Heroes, Baked by Heroes".


Cafe 8 won the Foodie Editor's Choice Award for Best Cafe.


Implementation of E-learning / Blended learning program due to the pre­cautionary measure of Covid-19. TNC developed our own e-learning programme.


2021 Craftable ( begins in March as an initiative to nurture the learners' talents and creativity with another alternative work experience.


2022 Cafe 8 changed its name to Museum Cafe at Pier 8. 


2023 Applied for funding of 2 new Social Enterprises at SPCA Tsing Yi and Union Church.


Craftable Catalog is made available for orders.


Sai Ying Pun Centre Renovation Project Plan and design is completed. Fundraising process is carried out to realise this project. 

30th anniversary - The Nesbitt Centre Ltd 

10th anniversary-The Nest and Museum Cafe8 

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